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Click below to find interesting information of some of the common IT equipments being used today.

(Routers Continued..)


more processors, as well as two or more network interfaces. Except for multiple network interfaces this is typical of an embedded computer.


High-end routers contain many processors and specialized Application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and do a great deal of parallel processing. Chassis based systems like the Nortel MERS-8600 or ERS-8600 routing switch, (pictured right) have multiple ASICs on every module and allow for a wide variety of LAN, MAN, METRO, and WAN technology ports or other, customizable connections. Simpler routers are used where cost is more important and traffic is less, for example, in providing a home Internet service. With the appropriate software (such as Untangle, SmoothWall, XORP or Quagga), an ordinary personal computer can become a router.

IT Equipments/Router